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Welcome to the documentation for the Phalcon framework.


Our mission is to offer developers an advanced, feature rich tool, which they can use to develop powerful applications with low server consumption and high performance.

What is Phalcon

Phalcon is an open source full stack framework for PHP, written as a C-extension. Phalcon is optimized for high performance. Its unique architecture allows the framework to always be memory resident, offering its functionality whenever its needed, without expensive file stats and file reads that traditional PHP frameworks employ.


Developers do not need to know the C language to use Phalcon. Its interface is exposed as PHP classes under the Phalcon namespace, ready to be used.

Phalcon is loosely coupled, allowing developers to use only the objects that they need as glue components based in the needs of their applications.

The translation of the documentation is driven by enthusiasts and contributors. We welcome your participation in the translation effort with new translations and/or corrections. The translations are handled in GitHub for English, and Crowdin for other languages