Class Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Relation

implements Phalcon\Mvc\Model\RelationInterface

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This class represents a relationship between two models


integer BELONGS_TO

integer HAS_ONE

integer HAS_MANY



integer NO_ACTION




public __construct (int $type, string $referencedModel, string | array $fields, string | array $referencedFields, [array $options])

Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Relation constructor

public setIntermediateRelation (string array $intermediateFields, string $intermediateModel, string $intermediateReferencedFields)

Sets the intermediate model data for has-*-through relations

public getType ()

Returns the relation type

public getReferencedModel ()

Returns the referenced model

public string array getFields ()

Returns the fields

public string array getReferencedFields ()

Returns the referenced fields

public string array getOptions ()

Returns the options

public getOption (mixed $name)

Returns an option by the specified name If the option doesn’t exist null is returned

public isForeignKey ()

Check whether the relation act as a foreign key

public string array getForeignKey ()

Returns the foreign key configuration

public array getParams ()

Returns parameters that must be always used when the related records are obtained

public isThrough ()

Check whether the relation is a ‘many-to-many’ relation or not

public isReusable ()

Check if records returned by getting belongs-to/has-many are implicitly cached during the current request

public string array getIntermediateFields ()

Gets the intermediate fields for has-*-through relations

public getIntermediateModel ()

Gets the intermediate model for has-*-through relations

public string array getIntermediateReferencedFields ()

Gets the intermediate referenced fields for has-*-through relations

Interface Phalcon\Mvc\Model\RelationInterface

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abstract public setIntermediateRelation (mixed $intermediateFields, mixed $intermediateModel, mixed $intermediateReferencedFields)

abstract public isReusable ()

abstract public getType ()

abstract public getReferencedModel ()

abstract public getFields ()

abstract public getReferencedFields ()

abstract public getOptions ()

abstract public getOption (mixed $name)

abstract public isForeignKey ()

abstract public getForeignKey ()

abstract public isThrough ()

abstract public getIntermediateFields ()

abstract public getIntermediateModel ()

abstract public getIntermediateReferencedFields ()