Class Phalcon\Loader

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Namespace Phalcon   Uses Phalcon\Loader\Exception, Phalcon\Events\ManagerInterface, Phalcon\Events\EventsAwareInterface   Implements EventsAwareInterface

This component helps to load your project classes automatically based on some conventions

use Phalcon\Loader;

// Creates the autoloader
$loader = new Loader();

// Register some namespaces
        "Example\\Base"    => "vendor/example/base/",
        "Example\\Adapter" => "vendor/example/adapter/",
        "Example"          => "vendor/example/",

// Register autoloader

// Requiring this class will automatically include file vendor/example/adapter/Some.php
$adapter = new \Example\Adapter\Some();


protected checkedPath;

 * @var array
protected classes;

 * @var array
protected directories;

protected eventsManager;

 * @var array
protected extensions;

protected fileCheckingCallback = is_file;

 * @var array
protected files;

 * @var bool
protected foundPath;

 * @var array
protected namespaces;

 * @var bool
protected registered = false;


public function autoLoad( string $className ): bool;

Autoloads the registered classes

public function getCheckedPath(): string;

Get the path the loader is checking for a path

public function getClasses(): array;

Returns the class-map currently registered in the autoloader

public function getDirs(): array;

Returns the directories currently registered in the autoloader

public function getEventsManager(): ManagerInterface;

Returns the internal event manager

public function getExtensions(): array;

Returns the file extensions registered in the loader

public function getFiles(): array;

Returns the files currently registered in the autoloader

public function getFoundPath(): string;

Get the path when a class was found

public function getNamespaces(): array;

Returns the namespaces currently registered in the autoloader

public function loadFiles(): void;

Checks if a file exists and then adds the file by doing virtual require

public function register( bool $prepend = bool ): Loader;

Register the autoload method

public function registerClasses( array $classes, bool $merge = bool ): Loader;

Register classes and their locations

public function registerDirs( array $directories, bool $merge = bool ): Loader;

Register directories in which “not found” classes could be found

public function registerFiles( array $files, bool $merge = bool ): Loader;

Registers files that are “non-classes” hence need a “require”. This is very useful for including files that only have functions

public function registerNamespaces( array $namespaces, bool $merge = bool ): Loader;

Register namespaces and their related directories

public function setEventsManager( ManagerInterface $eventsManager ): void;

Sets the events manager

public function setExtensions( array $extensions ): Loader;

Sets an array of file extensions that the loader must try in each attempt to locate the file

public function setFileCheckingCallback( mixed $callback = null ): Loader;

Sets the file check callback.

// Default behavior.

// Faster than `is_file()`, but implies some issues if
// the file is removed from the filesystem.

// Do not check file existence.
public function unregister(): Loader;

Unregister the autoload method

protected function prepareNamespace( array $namespaceName ): array;

Class Phalcon\Loader\Exception

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Namespace Phalcon\Loader   Extends \Phalcon\Exception


Exceptions thrown in Phalcon\Loader will use this class