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Use Case

Throughout this documentation, we are going to assume that we are building an accounting application.


  • MVC application using Phalcon\Mvc\Application
  • Store data in a database (MariaDB/MySQL)
  • Offer a UI for users to work
    • Login page
    • Administration area
      • Cache management
      • Permissions
      • Products CRUD
      • Users CRUD
    • Accounting department area
      • Invoices
      • Customers
      • Payments
    • Customer portal area
      • Invoices (view)
      • Payment
      • Reports

Groups - User Roles

Group Description
Guests Users that are not logged in, visitors to the site
Customers Users that have purchased products
Accounting Users of the accounting department
Managers Accounting department managers
Administrators Full access to the whole application


Endpoint Description
/login Path /session/login. Presents the login screen
/logout Path /session/logout. Logs user out, redirects to /login
/portal/invoices/list List invoices for the currently logged in customer
/portal/invoices/view/{0-9} View invoice for the currently logged in customer
/portal/invoices/pay/{0-9} Pay invoice (payment gateway)
/portal/reports/list List available reports for the logged in customer
/portal/reports/view/{0-9} View report for this customer
/accounting/invoices/add Add new invoice
/accounting/invoices/edit/{0-9} Edit an invoice
/accounting/invoices/view/{0-9} View an invoice
/accounting/invoices/list List all invoices
/accounting/invoices/void/{0-9} Void an invoice
/admin/cache/view View all cache items
/admin/cache/delete/{0-9} Delete a cache item
/admin/cache/void Void the whole cache
/admin/permissions/list Show the current permissions
/admin/permissions/add Add a new permission
/admin/permissions/edit/{0-9} Edit a permission
/admin/products/list List all products
/admin/products/add Add a product
/admin/products/edit/{0-9} Edit a product
/admin/products/delete/{0-9} Delete a product
/admin/products/view/{0-9} View a product
/admin/users/list List all users
/admin/users/add Add a user
/admin/users/edit/{0-9} Edit a user
/admin/users/delete/{0-9} Delete a user
/admin/users/view/{0-9} View a user